Monday, May 16, 2011

CSFF Blog Tour - The Ale Boy's Feast

By the time that you are reading this, I will already be away working at camp!  However, I knew I didn't want to miss out on this blog tour so I decided to review the book anyway and take advantage of my computer's intelligence to delay publishing the post until the desired date... today!

Review: The Ale Boy's Feast

The Ale Boy's FeastIn the Ale Boy's Feast, dark days have fallen on the Expanse.  Danger besets House Abascar from every side.  Enemies multiply, the curse grows, and to make it worse, the King has gone missing.  One last hope remains: to find the ancient city and peace in which to rebuild a battered people.

But peace is more elusive than the Abascars first supposed.  Will the answers they seek restore House Abascar or drag it down into further ruin?      

The Ale Boy's Feast is the fourth and final book in the Auralia Thread.  Starting with Auralia's Colors and continuing in Cyndere's MidnightRaven's Ladder, and finally, The Ale Boy's Feast, author Jeffrey Overstreet manages to weave threads of intricate detail, complex plot, fully formed characters and a full-blown fantasy world into a magnificent tapestry worthy of Auralia herself.  

Overstreet's writing reminds me of poetry - the words he chooses, his comparisons and descriptions.  Such a writing style makes for a beautiful read.  The Ale Boy's Feast is not a story that you can breeze through, rather, you must savor each glowing word in order to grasp the full taste.  Given the complicated plot, The Ale Boy's Feast should not be read independently of the other three books.

Overstreet takes time to add flesh and bone to both main and minor characters.  The choices the characters face do not always have an obvious right/wrong decision, nor do the characters always make the right choices.  In this, they are true to life!  

An imaginative tale that will at times leave you breathless with beauty, shocked with cruelty, and awed with the intricacy of the plot thread.

Given the nature of the fantasy violence that can be at times disturbing and the fact that some adult content is hinted at, not recommended for those under the age of 16.  

Ordinarily, I would post a list of all the blog tour participants.  But the list is not out yet since I'm writing this ahead of schedule.  So, I've included a link to Rebecca LuElla Miller's blog where she will post the links and you can access the other reviews:

If you're interested in purchasing the book, click HERE!  

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  1. It is worth the effort to promote such a worthy series. I have enjoyed it since the first book. Well done!


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